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About Center


Center of Physical Education and Sport
Faculty of Education, University of West Bohemia

Klatovská 51

Head of Department


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What can be studied at the Center:

The Center of Physical Education and Sport of Faculty of Education of University of West Bohemia is renowned university center preparing professionals in physical education and sport. It is not isolated organizational unit, but open unit that cooperates with professionals from other departments or faculties from University of West Bohemia in Pilsen or other universities from the Czech Republic and abroad. The focus of the Center work is education and research in KINANTHROPOLOGY. This scientific discipline is concerned with human movement and covers all the possibilities of human movement. It is possible to study several study programs at the Center that are divided into two specializations: teaching and non-teaching. The teaching study programs and Education in Physical Activity Prevention are Master with the length of study 2 years and the non-teaching study programs are Bachelor with the length of study 3 years.

Together with teaching the Center also focuses on scientific work. The projects focusing on muscle imbalances, diagnostics of motor abilities and skills or motor learning of weakened children are currently being solved there. Students of the Department participate on most of the projects, so they get the opportunity to broaden their professional skills.

The Center is thus becoming a place, where new knowledge arise and these findings are immediately passed on to future generations of students.


The mission of the Center is through teaching and study of kinanthropology to foster active approach to life and care of the balance between physical and mental part of a human. In teaching study programs it is mainly about education of the top-class professionals, who will be by their approach, knowledge, abilities and skills role models for their pupils and students and will be able to transfer their gained experience.


In Bachelor study programs the mission of the Center is as follows:

  • to prepare professionals working mainly in the field of extracurricular physical education and sport, who will guarantee  the dissemination of the up-to-date knowledge from this field among broad public and will thus contribute to the healthy development of the whole society;
  • to prepare students for the follow-up Master study program Teaching of Physical Education.

In Mater study programs the mission of the Center is as follows:

  • to prepare teachers of Physical education at elementary and high school
  • training of professionals in the sphere of education in physical activities of children and adults and through them to implement the preventive effect of physical activities as a compensatory factor of the negative impact of civilization effects on human health.