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Call for Submissions

E-mail for submissions is music@khk.zcu.cz.


Dear authors: 


We are pleased that you are interested in our journal Paedagogia Musica

We expect your e-mail containing: 

– Manuscript (in English, usually 15–20 pages or about 5000–6000 words or about 30,000–40,000 characters);

– Abstract (in English, 100–200 words);

– Keywords (5–8 keywords/phrases in alphabetical order);

– Curriculum (in English, 100–150 words about the author);

– Postal address of the author’s workplace and contact e-mail.


Our journal uses a double-blind peer-review model. The estimated time from submission to the first decision is 120 days and from submission to the first post-review decision is 180 days. 


Authors are encouraged to volunteer/register as potential reviewers.


If you would like to consult with the editors on the topic of your future article, you can send us a draft Abstract and Keywords. 

Our editors and reviewers come from several countries, so we communicate with authors only in English.  


For more information, see the article For Authors in Paedagogia Musica, 2022, no. 3, pp. 95–97. <https://old.fpe.zcu.cz/khk/musica-paedagogia/>


Editorial Office, December 2022



Issue (1) 2021; (2) 2022; (3) 2022     



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Single printed issues of Musica Paedagogia Pilsnensis 1 and Paedagogia Musica 2 & 3 can be ordered for 250 CZK / 10 EUR via the publisher’s e-shop at https://www.e-shop.zcu.cz